How to Visit Bhutan Without Offending?

Tucked in the lap of the timeless Himalayans, Bhutan, the only Vajrayana nation in the world, is a destination that few travelers make it to. Despite its natural scenery, a harmonious society, and a strong sense of culture and tradition, very has been told and written about the “Last Shangri-La”. Here we have listed down five things to keep in mind while travelling in Bhutan so that you don’t offend anyone.


Bhutan is slowly pacing towards development with one foot in the past. Religion and culture is still deeply ingrained in its way of life. Almost all the time, you will see men and women dressed in their traditional attires. That’s why it is wise for tourists to dress modestly. Excessive show of skin is looked down upon and will often be met with glaring glances. Also, when you are entering Dzongs, you have to make sure your jacket isn’t unbuttoned or unzippered. Luckily, Bhutan’s climate is moderately cool throughout the year.


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