Bhutan has immense and exciting natural beauty, not yet modified by modernization that ranges from the lowland sub-tropical lands, to the pastures and mountains of the high Himalayas. The countryside is dotted with secluded villages, monasteries and temples over the rugged landscape that has hardly changed over hundreds of years. Moving across Bhutan from east to west across diverse ecological zones and environments also gives the traveler the superb opportunity to see variety of flora and wildlife in its natural habitat; besides visiting some of Bhutan’s most sacred pilgrimage sites. There is also a particular focus on traditional arts and crafts in such fields as woodcarving, paper making, weaving and dying of textiles using age-old techniques and taboos.

Outline of itinerary

Day 01: Bangkok/Guwahati, (Assam state of India) then drive 3 hours to Samdrup Jongkhar (Bhutan).
Day 02: Samdrup Jongkhar to Trashigang
Day 03: Trashigang sightseeing
Day 04: Day Excursion to Trashiyangtse
Day 05: Trashigang to Mongar
Day 06: Lhuntse Day Excrussion
Day 07: Mongar to Bumthang
Day 08: Bumthang
Day 09: Bumthang to Gangtey
Day 10: Gangtey (Longtey Longmey hike)
Day 11: Gangtey to Paro
Day 12: Paro
Day 13: Departure