Tour Details
Bhutan remained isolated from outside cultural influences for centuries. It has always maintained a strict policy on maintaining and preserving its culture and heritage. Only in mid 1970s foreign visitors were allowed to visit the country but it still maintains limited numbers of visitors. These helped Bhutan preserve many aspects of its culture that dates back to 17th century and before.

Discovery Bhutan will take you to the modern ancient Bhutan and showcase the culture which our forefather has carefully guarded in its purest form. Bhutanese believe that other than the preservation of the culture and revered values.

The cultural tour organized by Discovery Bhutan gives you insight into the people, the culture, tradition, ecology and religion of the country. Cultural tours into Bhutan will take you to the picturesque arts and architectures of Bhutan. One will witness the unique festivals of Tsechus which are conducted in almost all the dzongs, monasteries and in important cultural places. The dzongs, monasteries, chortens and traditional Bhutanese houses provides you the spectacular splendor of Bhutanese architecture.

The cultural tours with Discovery Bhutan will take you close to the unique and vibrant Buddhist ways of life. Out cultural tours cover Paro, Thimphu and  Punakha. Bhutan is virtually untouched, by the external influences, in terms of religion, architecture and lifestyle despite opening its doors to outside world in mid 70’s.

Outline of the itinerary
Day 01 – Arrival and Transfer to Thimphu
Day 02 – Thimphu sightseeing
Day 03 – Thimphu to Punakha
Day 04 – Punakha to Paro
Day 05 – Paro Sightseeing
Day 06 – Paro hike to Tiger Nest
Day 07 – Departure