Explore one of the most scenic long distances Laya- Gasa Trek in Bhutan. The trek runs along the Tibetan border, offering you a most fantastic view of some of the most pristine and untouched landscapes in the kingdom of Bhutan. On your journey, enjoy taking a trip through the Jigme Singye National Park, which offers awe-inspiring views of Mt. Jhomolhari, Jichu Drake, and some of the majestic Himalayan peaks. Along the trail, you will be able to spot some indigenous animals. Our insightful representative will share you comfortably as you walk on. All the itineraries will be adjusted as per your preferences.

Day 1 Drukyel Dzong – Sharna Zampa

Distances: 5 hours, Camp altitude: 2850m

Start driving from the hotel to Drukgyel Dzong, where the trek begins. Then, start your journey through beautiful meadows, paddy fields, and impressive Bhutanese architect houses following the Paro Chu. Finally, we reached Sharna zampa, discovering unique experiences with our insightful representatives. Overnight at the campsite.

Day 2 Sharna Zampa – Thangthangka

Distances: 7-8 hours walk, Campsite Altitude: 3610m

Unfold your day, continuing your journey with a gradual walk, ascend and descend following the river bank with melodies sounds of river and birds treat your fantastic experiences. Finally, reach you to Thangthangkha gaining adventurous life in a refreshing meadow. Overnight at the campsite.

Day 3 Thangthangka – Jangothang

Distances: 5- 6 hours walk, Campsite Altitude: 4080m

Continuing your journey following the Paro Chhu into patches of alpine meadow and the scanty growth of the forest is impressive. As you walk along, enjoy a view of high mountain ridges and snow-capped peaks. Spend some time making a stopover at yak herder’s camp and villages to discover unique lifestyles and surroundings. Finally, reach you to Jangothang with a peaceful walk with a majestic view of Mt. Jhomolhari. Overnight at the campsite.

Day 4 Jangothang Halt

Spend your day acclimatizing to the climate and enjoying the majestic view of Mt. Jhomolhari. Then, make a short hike visiting Tso Phu lakes, the twin lake of the region. You might spot Himalayan monal and blue sheep on your journey. Our representatives will initiate you as your preferences and interest to explore in the area. Overnight at the campsite.

Day 5 Jangothnag – Lingzhi

Distances: 6-7 hours walk, Camp Altitude: 4010m

After your beautiful breakfast with a view of Mt. Jhomolhari, start your continuous journey ascending to Nyilila pass at the elevation of 4870m. Make a stop to enjoy snow-capped peaks and surroundings. You might spot blue sheep grazing on the slopes. Continuing your journey, enjoy exploring the yak herder’s camp and beautiful pasture land. Finally, reach you to Lingzhi with a spectacular view of Lingzhi Dzong and Mt. Tsherimgang and glacier. Overnight at the campsites.

Day 6 Lingzhi – Chebisa

Distances: 5-6 hours, Campsite Altitude: 3880m

Enjoy the morning view towards Zhingzhi dzong and the sunrise. Then, visit Lingzhi dzong and village, mingle with people to discover beautiful experiences in highland valleys. Finally, continue your journey with unique valleys view of scattered stone houses, reaching you at the campsites with beautiful waterfalls behind the village. Overnight at the camps.

Day 7 Chebisa – Shomuthang

Distances: 5-6 hours, Camp Altitude: 4220m

Walkthrough pastureland through the yak herder’s camp, spotting the Blue

Sheep and beautiful plants and flowers. Spend your time doing your best to view the valley’s view and surroundings. Making you ascend and descend will reach you at campsites near the river, a tributary of Noche River. Overnight at the camp.

Day 8 Shomuthang – Robluthang

Distances: 6- 7hours walk, Camp Altitude: 4160m

Reach you to the Jhari la with the beautiful view of Kang Bum and some edelweiss. Make a stopover and enjoy the magnificent view Since la and great snow-capped Tiger Mountain. As you continue your journey, you will enter to takin sanctuary where we will find Takin (Bhutan national animal). Finally, reach you to the Robluthang in a rocky meadow with bit ascend and the valley view. Overnight at the campsite.

Day 9 Robluthang – Limiting

Distances: 6-7 hours, Campsite Altitude: 4140m

After crossing the highest pass on the trek, we reached a small stone house where a few laya women welcome you with their products, shy smile, wearing typical laya costumes with bamboo heads on their heads. Enjoy the view of impressive terminal moraine and a glacial lake at the foot of the valley. Reaches you to the campsites with the thought of lateral moraine and Himalayan peaks as you cross the Kango Chhu. Overnight at the camps.

Day 10 Limithang – Laya

Distances: 4-5 hours, Campsites Altitude: 3840m

The trail leads to the west of the Laya village along the narrow river valley through the partly deep forest. Reach you the campsite with the view of Tiger mountain and the glimpse of Mt. Masagang. Explore the laya valley, spend your best time with the people and discover the beautiful, unique lifestyle of the valley. Overnight at the campsite.

Day 11 Laya – Koina

Distances: 6-7 hours, Camp Altitude: 3050m

The trail winds up and down along the river valley of Mo chhu, affording a breath-taking view of the crashing river, feeder streams, and waterfalls. Reach you at the campsites ascending and descending with more adventure experiences. Overnight at the camps.

Day 12 Koina – Gasa

Distances: 6-7 hours, Camp Altitude: 2240m

It reached you to the Gasa after experiencing a significant climb up crossing Bari-la at the elevation of 3740m. First, explore the Gasa valley visiting Gasa dzong and the small town. Then, visit Popular Gasa Tsa chu- Hot spring to relax in thermal water. Overnight at the campsites.

Day 13 Gasa – Punakha

Distances: 4- 5 hours walk, hotel Altitude: 2250m

Ascend and descend through the rolling hills, passes, pine and oak tree, and the wheat fields. Continue your journey with a beautiful view of Gasa Dzong glued to the valley wall. Finally, enjoy the beautiful drive to Punakha valley, completing your walk at Damji. Overnight at the hotel.

Tour ends.

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