Tashi Delek to our Tour Guides and great drivers. Our Guides and drivers are both honorable ambassadors of the land of Happiness. They are courteous, respectful, extremely knowledgeable, friendly entertaining and fun.

Hotels offered differs, some are definitely better than others food were definitely not amazing…it could be better if we have different varieties or at least let us try one of the Bhutanese best cuisines!

I will definitely recommending Discovery Bhutan to my friends.

Cyndy Gan


Salute to our petite organiser Pei Wei & all our tour guides especially macho & & Strong Bhutanese for an adventurous trip! For myself, it was my dream came true to visit the Land of Happiness as I can challenged myself to highest limit to conquer Tiger Nest peak! Disappointment only one I didn’t meet my No 1 idols-lovely Bhutan royal family. May be in my next Eastern Bhutan trip.

Nicer to meet & make new friends in this trip; hope to see yau all again in our nest PW-Venture 2020! Stay healthy young & Vibrant all.. Namaste & Tashi Delek, Good bless you all.


My sincere thanks to our Tour Guide Rinchen, whom has shown his professionalism, alertness and quick action in my most difficult time during the journey up to the Tiger Nest temple.

Also not to forget the helpfulness of the tour personnel; Jack, Bean & Karma. They are all wonderful people in Bhutan that have added to my memorable time in this Bhutan Tour.I am considering of returning to this peaceful & beautiful country in the near future and will not hesitate to recommend this tour company to my friends.

Lastly, my suggestion for the Tour improvement is to have Oxygen Tank provided in case of emergency especially at the high altitude locality. Hopefully this suggestion can be taken into consideration for the safety of everyone in whatever situation.

Chan Yuet Sim



Tan Seow Cheng


感恩❤來到不丹之旅. 雖然爬山很幸苦不過还蛮亨受这个过程.
不論是团友的合作和導游队的招侍和服务都是一級棒👍. Namaste🙏

Chan Yuet Kan



Ong Yoke Ying


Pei Wei,感谢你带我们到这不丹之旅,旅行社,導游,司机给我们的service和他们的责任,还有当地的食物住宿,我们感到很很很滿意,尤其实,Rinchen,and Mr.Bin.及團友們。感恩,感恩😘💪🏻🙏🙏

Angie Chi Hwa