01 June 2023

Bhutan introduces new SDF incentives for guests to discover more and stay longer

Bhutan has announced a new travel incentive on Bhutan’s Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) which is designed to encourage longer stays that enable guests to explore more of what this diverse kingdom offers. Bhutan’s SDF is currently set at USD 200 per person, per night for all guests (excluding Indian nationals, who are charged 1,200 Rupees per night, per guest); and the SDF is exempt for children of 5 years and below. There is a concessionary levy rate of 50% for children between the ages of 6-12 years. Anyone aged 12 and above pay the full SDF rate. 

Bookings made from June 01, 2023 onwards will be eligible for the exclusive SDF incentives for US Dollar SDF-paying guests, and are valid for stays in Bhutan between June 01, 2023 until December 31, 2024.

Depending on their planned itinerary, visitors can choose any of the following options with effect from June 01, 2023: 

  • 4 + 4:  Pay the SDF of USD 200 per night, per person, for four nights, and receive up to four additional nights without the daily levy.
  •  7 + 7: Pay the SDF of USD 200 per night, per person, for seven nights, and receive up to seven additional nights without the daily levy. 
  • 12 + 18:  Pay the SDF USD 200 per night per person, for twelve nights, and receive up to eighteen additional nights without the daily levy.

The same long-stay SDF incentives outlined above can be applied to US dollar SDF-paying children.

Guests can choose which option they prefer, and which may work out cheaper for their trip. There are calculators available on the Department of Immigration’s website at: https://visit.doi.gov.bt/

This incentive enables guests to stay longer and explore more of the country’s 20 districts, from pristine highland communities to cultural villages and biodiversity hotspots. Taking advantage of this incentive allows nature lovers to venture into the farthest corners of Bhutan’s wilderness to spot some of the world’s rarest birds and mammals; avid trekkers to explore the newly restored Trans Bhutan trail or the famed Snowman Trek; or the culturally inclined to sample all the flavours, festivals and restorative pace of life in Bhutan’s remote villages. 

Visitors are also being given another opportunity to meaningfully contribute to Bhutan’s progress. Each visitor to Bhutan will be offered the chance to plant a tree towards Bhutan’s goal of one million new trees, helping to maintain the kingdom’s carbon-negative status and exceptional forest cover. Tree saplings will be provided to guests who wish to plant them during their stay in Bhutan, which will be maintained by the Bhutan’s De-suung national service project.

01 June 2023

Lifting the Restrictions for Tourists Visiting Monument Sites on Designated Auspicious Days

The National Monument Fund and Supervision Committee has confirmed that the restriction for tourists and visitors to visit designated monuments on designated auspicious days is hereby lifted with immediate effect.

Therefore, the designated monuments shall be opened to all regardless of the day until further notice.

01 June 2023

Lifting the Restrictions for Tourists Visiting Monument Sites on Designated Auspicious Days

FAM trips for international travel agents and press / KOLs who wish to visit Bhutan with an SDF waiver have now been confirmed, provided that they meet the requirements.

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